Takacs Quarte and Muzsikás joint concert
Qartetto - Bartók and the folk music

Palace of Arts, Budapest
12. Febr. 2015. 7:30 pm

Mária Petrás (trad. singer)

This is a production that was an overwhelming success in the leading concert venues of the United States and Europe. These two quartets, who otherwise operate in very different musical spheres, were able to grasp something very significant in closely tying together Béla Bartók's music with the folk music from which he drew. read more...
tickets online: mupa.hu

Muzsikás and St Ephraim male choir at Liszt Music Academy

27. May 2014. 7:30 pm

Tamás Bubnó
Mária Petrás (trad. singer)

At this joint concert with the Muzsikás folk group, St Ephraim male choir sing all of Bartók's works for male choir. Alongside these works the original folk material can be heard, a taste of the musical world which Bartók encountered on his folk music collecting trips and which serve as the melodic and structural basis for the majority of these vocal pieces.

Muzsikás in Japan

at the La Folle Journée Music Festival
in Tokyo, Niigata and Kanazawa
25. April - 06. May 2014.

Muzsikás after 7 years was invited again to this music festival, in this time not only to Tokyo but to Kanazawa and Niigata. Alltogether 12 appearances included playing at the Opening Ceremony in Niigata and Tokyo, concerts in the biggest halls of Tokyo Intarnational Forum, and inside and outside stages. The NHK Tv channel intervieved Muzsikás and they were invited to the radio broadcasting studio of NHK to a one-hour life-show program.

Muzsikás Christmas Concert

28. December 2013. - Bartók Béla National Concerthall, Palace of Arts


Mária Petrás(vocal)
Farkas Zoltán és Tóth Ildikó (dance)
Közgáz Corvinus Folk Dance Ensemble
Pro Musica Girls Choir, dirl: Szabó Dénes

tickets online:
szinhazjegy.hu, jegy.hu


Muzsikás at Héttorony Festival

Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár) - 17. November 2013. - Törökvágás Rafored Church
12.00 – in memoriam Károly Kós Károlyra in Sztána, at Varjúvár
19.00 – Concert: Muzsikás 40


Mária Petrás (traditional singer)

Everybody warmly welcome!

Muzsikás concert in Bucharest, Rumania!

Under the organization of the Ballasii Institute, Hungary and with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Muzsikás give a concert at the Concert Hall of the Rumanian Radio in 24th Spetember 2013 at 7 pm.


Farkas Zoltán-Tóth Ildikó (percussion, gardon, dance)


Muzsikas is thankful for all of those who helped them to give a great concert in the Big Synagogue of Budapest under the Jewish Summer Festival, 2013. The accoustic was beautiful, the building is absolutely unic and most of all, the wonderful audience was one of the greatest in the 40 year-carrier of Muzsikás.

The concert was:

Routes and Roots
Hungarian Jewish Folk Music - Bartók and the traditions

Thanks for our unforgottable guests:
Alexander Balanescu (violin, UK)
Herczku Ágnes (vocal)
Farkas Zoltán-Tóth Ildikó (drum, gardon, dance)

Muzsikas celebrated its 40-year birthday on the "Zero-Day" of the Sziget Festival 2013. during a nearly three-hour concert together with their musicians-singers-dancers friends.
The guests of "Muzsikás 40"were:
Alexander Balanescu (violin, UK)
Woven Hand (USA)
Jandó Jenő (piano)
Amadinda (Polinesian Percussion instruments)
Petrás Mária (Moldva, vocal)
Farkas Zoltán-Tóth Ildikó (dance, coreograph)
Corvinus Dance Ensemble(dance)
Lukács Miklós (cimbalom)
Gereben (citera)
Palatka Band (trad. village band, Transylvania)
Zerkula Band (trad. music, Gyimes)

and many more like bagpipers, hurdy-hurdy players, pipers, traditional dancers, singers
director: Káel Csaba
coreogrpher: Farkas Zoltán
edited: Sipos Mihály
further information: sziget.muzsikas
The U-Stream video from the whole concert is here: Muzsikas'40

Previous happenings

22. June 2013.

Ludwigsburg, Schlossfestspiele: Bartók, Haydn, Muzsikás
Concert Ungaresc.
Muzsikas performed a special concert at the Concert Hall, Ludwigsburg during the Schlossfestspiele, Castle Festival. The program consisted tranditional Hungarian folk music performed by Muzsikás and classical pieces of Bartók, Liget and Haydn performed by the Sympholic Orcherstra of the festival with the great conductor André de Ridder. Kálmán Balogh, the renowned cimbalom-playes and Maria Petrás, traditional singer of Moldavia were the guests of Muzsikás.
It was the first time when Muzsikás combined traditinal music with Haydn. The succes were enormous, Muzsikás is invited to the next festival.

3. Febr. 2013.

Palace of Arts, Budapest: Bartók Maraton
Muzsikás performed a concert at the Palace of Arts, Budapest as a part of the whole-day concert series dedicated to the great Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók. Jenő Jandó pianist, Mária Petrás singer and the Farkas-Tóth dancers were the guests. The director of the concert was Csaba Káel. The critics devoted as one of the best concerts of the series.

20. Febr. 2012.

Sold-Out concert at the Carnegie Hall, New York
Muzsikás and their guest artist received a standing ovation at one of the post prestigeous venue of the Globe, the Carnegie Hall, New York. The guests of the concert program The Roots and Routes of Bartók were Mária Petrás traditional Hungarian singer from Moldva, Rumania and one of the best pianists of the World, the Hungarian born renowned artist, András Schiff. The concert was positively rewieved in the New York Times.
In Hungarian:
MNO: A Carnegie Hallban játszik a Muzsikás

22. Jan. 2012.

Muzsikas in a beautiful city, Bradford on Avon
The concert life is excellenly rich in this charming little town of England. Muzsikas performet at the Wiltshire Music Center. It was a great pleasure to play such a great audience!
The Muzsikás (a drawing by an artist at the concert)

20. Jan. 2012.

Dijon Opera - together with Takács String Quartet
Muzsikas performed the joint Bartók concert with the renowned Takacs Quartet at the Dijon Opera, France with great success. First time in Dijon, the result: new fans of the Hungarian folk music and Bartók.

19. Dec. 2011.

December 27: Christmas Concert at the Palace of Arts

Muzsikas warmly welcomes all who could buy the tickets on this concert in advance. Sorry for those who can not come, the concert is sold out.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Művészetek Palotája: Muzsikás karácsony

2. Dec. 2011.

Best of Muzsikás - a review in the Songlines Magazin
One of the most important medium of the folk music is the excellent Magazin Songlines from London. In the December issue they reviwed the Fly Bird album of Muzsikás. Today is the 52. day when the album is on the list of the best-sold 100 cds of the UK Amazon web store. n.

Titans of Hungarian folk....

17. Nov. 2011.

Best of Muzsikás - first reviews
All the reviews appeared till now (Guardian, Scotsman, List, Evening Standard) were very positive. Some citated sentences:
This splendid double CD brings together the best of Muzsikás’ recordings...
...melodically rich in the slower music and exhilarating in the fast dance stuff...
...Fantastic retrospective of the Hungarian folk group's career..

The LIST: rewiev of Muzsikás cd
The Gurdian: Fly Bird, Fly - rewiev

16. Nov. 2011.

Muzsikás in the BBC
The BBC 3 radio every dasy broadcastsom songs from the Fly Bird, Fly Muzsikas album. Muzsikas with this new album will be in focus in the World on 3 program On 18th November, Friday at 11 pm. The recordings and interviews were made in the BBC Building, London in Oct.ober, just next day after the Ealing Autumn Festival concert
You can listen this program through the web:

BBC World on 3: Muzsikás Session
BBC Music: Muzsikás

15. Nov. 2011.

Csordapásztorok - Muzsikás new Christmas album
As a surprise for Christmas, the new Muzsikas album is at the music stores. This Maxi Cd is a part of the Christmas album series of Gryllus Inc. The listener can hear traditional folk music connected to Christmas village traditions and combined with the great organ music of Johann Sebestian Bach.
Kaláka Music Store

7. Nov. 2011.

Fly Bird, Fly - The Very Best of Muzsikás
The London-based Nascente record company released the Fly Bird, Fly, The very best of Muzsikas featuring Marta Sebestyen album. The 2CD set highlights from a career that spans four decades and was copmpiled by Joe Boyd. He also contributed the sleeve-notes.
The notes begin with these words:
"Muzsikás are one of the most important names in European folk music..."
Demon Music Group: The Very Best of Muzsikás

23. Oct.. 2011.

Muzsikás in Ealing Autumn Festival

Muzsikas played at the Ealing Town Hall during the Ealing Autumn Festival. The whole day of 23rd of Oct.ober was devoted to the Hungarians remembering of the anniversary of the revolution in 1956.

20. Jan. 2011.

"Roots and Wings" - Review
Long and emotional review was published by Klára Tóth in the English language Hungarian quarterly Hungarian Review
You can read it here:
Roots and Wings

7. Dec. 2011.

Muzsikás Christmas concert at the Palace of Arts
The Muzsikas Christmas concert will be performed at the National Concerthall of the Palace of Arts. The guests are: Village ladies from Buza, Transylvania, György and Ilonka Muszka from Méra, Kalotaszeg, Mária Petrás from Moldava and Jenő Jandó the renowned Hungarian pianist.

11. Nov. 2010.

Muzsikás at the Royal Festival Hall
Infernal Dance is the title of the concert-series introduce Bartók in London, 2011. The program is organised by the Philharmonia London Orchestra. During more than twenty concerts will show the Hungarian genius, one of the main composers of the 20th century. Two of the concerts will be performed by Muzsikás. The group is introduced by a film made by the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Philharmonia London Orchestra: Infernal Dance
Philharmonia London Orchestra: A Muzsikás
youtube: Philhamonia London: Muzsikás

18. Nov. 2010.

Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles: Muzsikas Story
The 10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival will be held in Los Angeles between 18. and 28 of November. The Muzsikas Story documentary film will be among the selected Hungarian films of the last year.
10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival
Muzsikás Story

1. Nov. 2010.

India International Centre: The Muzsikas Story
The 116 minute version of the Muzsikás Story documentary film will be projected in the prestigeous cultural centre of India, The India International Centre, New Delhi. The event is on the 11th of November.
delhievents.com: Muzsikás Story

30. July 2010.

Czech Republic: Namest, Folk fesztivál
Muzsikas was invited to the International Folk Festival in this tiny, cute, beautiful small city of the Chech Republic. The concert was unforgottable in the inner yard of the old Castle.

23-29 July 2010.

Valley of Arts 2010 - Muzsikás Valley
Muzsikas moved to the Valley for a week to make 15 programs from the early morning excursion to the midnight meditations. Several guests were invided by Muzsikas to their evening concerts. Some pictures about the atmosphere of this unic art festival of Hungary:
Muzsikás and Berecz: foto album
Allegro Barbaro: foto album
Family program: foto album
Kyrie Eieisson: foto album
Muzsikás with Dongó: foto album
Maramaros: foto album

4-15 July 2010.

Wovenhand and Muzsikás in European festivals
The American folk-rock group, the Wovenhand made three concerts in three big festivals of France and Belgium. david Eugene Edwrds, the front-man of the Wovenhand released his new aalbum, the Treshing Floor. In these festivals: Eurockéennes Festival, Belfort, Dour Festival, Belgium and the Festival des Vieilles Charrues these songs appeared between traditional Hungarian folk music. Firs time Hungarian folk in these great festivals.
Dour and Carhaix: foto album
Belfort: foto album

30. June 2010.

Graz, Minoritensaal: Echt Ungarisch
In the beautiful concert hall of Graz, Austria Muzsikás and the german pianist-virtuoso Andreas Bach made a joint concert, to give a musical picture to the classical audience about us, Hungarians. The joint concert with piano pieces of Bartók and the geniune traditional Hungarian folk music was a real success, ended with standing ovations.
foto album

22. June 2010. .

Benefit concert for the flood-victims
Horrible flood destroyed some villages in North Hungary, many people lost everthing they had. The Concerto Budapest, a National Filharmonic Orchestra and the Muzsikás made a joint benefit concert in the Palace of Arts to help these people. Guests were: Jenő Jandó, pianist, folk singers and musicians. Conductors: András Keller and Zoltán Kocsis.

2010. jún. 5.

In Slovenia with the Bartók Quartet
Muzsikas and the World-famous Bartók String Quartet made two concerts in Slovenia. One in the capital, Ljubljana, the other in Portoroz, a beautiful city in the Adriatic

2. June 2010.

Videos in the Muzsikas web page
Some interesting and rare video was put to the web page. Enjoy!

18. March 2010.

Budapest West-Balkán: Muzsikás - Balanescu
After several years again in Budapest with their jount concert the Muzsikás and Alexander Balanescu. The concert was made in the brand new "alternative" venue of Budapest, the West Balkan.

10. Febr. 2010

Dokumentury film series about Muzsikás
Tóth Péter Pál documentary film-director made a 5-pieces series of the life and work of Muzsikás. The series are broadcasted in Duna Television, it can be seen out of Hungary, too. The film was selected to the Hungarian Film Festival
port.hu: Muzsikás Story, info

port.hu: Muzsikás történet: trailer

31. Dec. 2009

Muzsikás wishes a Happy New Year

20. Dec, 2009.

Muzsikás Christmas, Sopron
An other Christmas concert, now in Sopron. Muzsikas had guests: Maria Petras, singer from Moldavia, the famous Hungarian jazz formation, the Dresch Quartet and local people from village Szaszcsavas, Transylvania.
album (foto: Henics Tamás)

18. Dec. 2009 .

Muzsikás Chrismas concert
In the Theater of the Budapest Cultural Center Muzsikas made his annual Chrismac concert with their guests: Zoltan Kallos, the renowned etnographer from Translvania and his pupils. They made an unforgottable atmosphere.
album (foto: Henics Tamás)

21. Nov. 2009

Muzsikás - Woven Hand joint concert at Millenáris Theatrum
Woven Hand visited Budapest for one joint concert with Muzsikás. The concert was at the Millenaris Theatrum, the venue where Muzsikás recorded Allegro Barbaro DVD. The program was quite different from the Sziget program, more joint songs were performed.
Thanks-poem of David Eugene Edwards
album (foto: Bálint Pörneczi)
album (foto: Domonkos Hamar)

18. Sept. 2009.

Eger: Muzsikás - Balanescu concert
The friends from years, Muzsikás and Alexander Balanescu made a great open air concert in Eger, a Northern Hungarian city famous for its red wine. Alex knew this wine but it was the first time he visited Eger and met the fantastic audience there. The guest was the excellen dancer, Zoltán Farkas.
foto album (Horváth Dóra)

27. July 2009

Standing ovations for Muzsikas in Amsterdam
The audinence of the Muzsikas concert in the great hall of the world-famous ConcertGebouw, Amterdam responsed the concert with standing ovation. This was not the first concert of Muzsikas here, but never before they achieved such a success. When they come back to the stage for their instruments realized that the audience sill standing and waiting for an other ancore.

21. July 2009.

Muzsikás with their friends in Croatia
Muzsik'a and theif friends from Transylvania played at the beautiful yard of the Zagreb City Hall as one of the concerts of the Zagreb Summer Evenings. The acoustic and the lights were extraordinary, the people of Zagreb are great, it was a nice evening, Thank for you, our Croatian friends!

10-12 July 2009.

Muzsikás in Borneo Island, in Malaysia
Muzsikás performed a the 12th Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak County, Borneo, Malaysia. Great musicaians from all over the world, great concerts in the Sarawak Cultural Village, this is the festival. The event is extremely popular, cowds arrive from the surrounding cities and many from Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and even from China. Excellent organizing, the real tropical rainforest clima, the jungle jus behind the stages and friendly people smiling everywhere. Muzsikas is honoured being invited here, it was touching to see the thousands of people dancing for the old Transylvanian music.
foto album: Borneo Rainforest
foto album: Rainforest World Music Festival

3. June 2009.

NPR: The Muzsikas-Takacs concert in Boston
The joint concert of Takacs, Sebestyen and Muzsikas in the fall of 2008 was recorded and broadcasted by the NPR Radio, Boston. Now the shorteded version of the concert can be listen on the web page of the NPR.
Bartok: From The Fields To The Concert Hall
Hear The Takacs Quartet And Muzsikas Play An Homage To Bartok In Concert

29. May 2009.

Lenzburgiade: Music Festival
The Lenzburgiade, a classical and folk music festival was organized in the beautiful Habsburg castle of Lenzburg, Switzerland. The concert started with piano music of Liszt and Brahms performed by the two great pianists: Filippo Gamba (Italy) és Christoph Berner (Austria). Then the Netnakisum Quartet (Vienna) plaed their arrangements. Muzsikás finished the successful concert with the traditional music of Hungary and Transylvania.
foto album

19. May 2009.

Brussels, Hungarian Cultural Center
Hungary celebrated the 5th anniversary of the EU membership in Brussels, the administrative capital of the EU. The joint concert of Muzsikás and the Bartók String Quartet was a real great success, full house in the Hungarian Cultural Center.
foto album

6. Febr. 2009.

Muzsikás concert at the A38 ship

The old ex-Russian (sx-Soviet) ship in the Danube, Noth Budapest became a cult venue for alternative music. Here played the Muzsikas with and the young Hungarian Kerekes Band, whose latest cd was selected as one of the bests by the Songines Magazine.
foto album

22. Jan. 2009.

Concert in Barlin with the Bartók Quartet
22nd of January is the Day of the Hungarian Culture, remembering the birth of the Hungarian Anthem. Celebrating this day the Muzsikás, thr Bartók Quartet and young traditional musicians from Gyimes region (Rumania) gave a joint concert at the Collegium Hungaricaum, Berlin.

15. Dec. 2008.

New Muzsikás DVD released: Allegro Barbaro

The close relationship between the music of the great Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók is well-known. Based on one of the most successful concert-program of Muzsikás, where some piano-works of Bartók were interpreded by the renown pianist Jenő Jandó and the folk music of the Carpathian Basin were played by Muzsikás, the new DVD consists many other exciting archive video pfrom the past of Muzsikás.

5. Dec. 2008.

Muzsikas was honoured with the Prima Primissima Award

For the lifetime achievement ten personalities or groups from the science-art are honoured by the very prestigeous awardÉ "The best among the bests": Prima Primissima. This year Muzsikas was among the 30 candidates and won this award. Muzsikas is very pleased...

Nov. 8-22 2008.

Bartók and the Folk Music: USA tour
One of the most successful tour were organized for two weeks with the renowned Takacs Quartet and the Muzsikas. The special guest in these concerts was Marta Sebestyén, the best known Hungarian folk singer. Almost all the concert during the tour were reviewed by the most important classical music experts.
reviews....(Washington Post, Boston Globe, IROM, Concerto.net, etc.)

Nov. 2. 2008

Sevilla: WOMEX Award Ceremony and concert

Muzsikas received the Womex Award in a colourful ceremony in Sevilla during the World Music Expo. At the second half of the ceremony Muzsikas performed a concert with Maria Petra singer and a couple of dancers: Ildiko Toth and Zoltan Farkas. The concert ended with a standing ovation by the audience.
Joe Boyd: The WOMEX Award 08 to Muzsikás

Oct.. 4. 2008.

Eindhoven: Wovenhand-Muzsikás-Zapp Qoartet concert

In Eindhoven, Holland at the great hall of the Muzikcentrum a unic concert was organized. Thee different type of music collaborated resulting a great evening: Th Zapp string quarte, Muzsikás and the Colorado-based American Woven Hand with the front-personality David Eugene Edwards. The idea was David's who earlier, as the singer/composer of the 16-Horsepower arranged a Muzsikas song: The Outlaw's Song. Hopefully a new cooperation strted. album

11. Aug. 2008.

Muzsikás win the 10th annual WOMEX Award for World Music

WOMEX announced this week the winner of 10th Annual WOMEX Award for World Music. The award goes to Muzsikás. As the international jury declared, "Muzsikas is the group of artists who put Hungarian folk music on the international map. They have been the foremost ambassadors for music from Hungary, with a special emphasis on music from Transylvania."
Muzsikas is deeply touched...
read more....
Joe Boyd: The WOMEX Award 08 to Muzsikás

20. July 2008.

Muzsikás in London at the Royal Albert Hall
Muzsikas appeared in the most important music festial os the World, the BBC Proms. First time after 114 years the folk music got a chancce in the classical music program, the 20th of July was the Folk Day. Muzsikás were among the musicians performed the Proms 4 concert in the Royal Albert Hall for more than 4000 people. Muzsikas played traditional music from Transylvania, Transdanubia, Bekas and Moldva. They performed a medley of Bartók's Rumanian Folk Dances together with the London Sinfonietta. The succesful concert can be heard in the web site of the BBC.
I listen...(from the BBC web-site)
The Independent: BBC PROMS Top-Ten
The Guardian: Folk Day - review
Telegraph: review
musicOMH.com: review

11. Aug. 2007.

At a shockingly beautiful hall: in the castle of Wartburg
At the Castle of Wartburg in Thüringia, Germany where St. Elisabeth, the Hungarian-born princess were the queen, the MDR Broadcasting company organizes the Musiksommer Festival. Muzsikas were invited here for a concert with Maria Petras. Again an unforgottable evening.
Thüringer Allgemeine: Der Musiksommer blickt nach Ungarn... (in German)
foto album...(foto: Maria Schenderlein)

9. Aug. 2007.

Bartók and the folk music: an unforgottable concert again
The two quartets, the classical Takács Quartet and the Muzsikás met again to refresh thir memeorie of the great concerts of the last year at several European venues. Their joint concert together with Marta Sebestyen was a great experience but not only for the audience but for the musicians, as well. We meet again in January 2008 at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
foto album...

8. Aug. 2007.

Great success in the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival
The festival is very popular in the region, the concerts are in the middle of the nowhere, sometimes to reach the strange buildings takes a time. Nevertheless this concert ig Grossenaspe where Muzsikas and Marta Sebestyen performed together, was sold out in advance and ended with a great success
foto album ....

30. Jun. 2007.

Muzsikás with their friends: From Kalotaszeg to Bartók
Muzsikas gave a concert with their friends at the most prestigeous concert hll of Hungary, The National Concerthall of the Palace of Arts. The concert ended with standing ovation which is not usual in Budapest at all.
foto album...(foto: Fehér Sándor)

11. May 2007

Vienna, Austria: Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozartsaal
Vienna is one of the main center of the European music, it is always a big honour to play there. Muzsikás played at the beautiful Mozartsaal in 33. International Music Festival, where really great stars were invites as the New York Philharmonic Orchestra or Jan Garbarek. The grat success of Muzsikas with the outstanding singer Maria Petras showed that the Hungarian folk music can touch the sophysticated vienna concert-audience, too.
ORF Radio: Muzsikás - Weltstars in Wien

2-6 May 2007.

Muzsikas in Japan at the Tokyo International Forum
Muzsikas played in the Festival "La Folle Journée Japon" at the most prestigeous cultural center of Japan, the Tokyo International Forum. Last year 700 thousand people visited ths festival , this year it was even bigger. Muzsikas played seven concerts, three of the was the joint concert with the great cellist, Roel Dieltiens. Muzsikás played as the only ensemble at the Opening Ceremony and it is a special great honour as the festival is a classical music festival.
foto gallery

2007. április 14.

Heidelberg, Germany, String Quartet Festival
The Steichquartettfest, the String Quartet Festival was organized in one of the most beautiful city of Germany, in Heidelberg. The final concert of the festival foas the FOlk Evening where Muzsikas played with three renowned quartets, The Ysaye Quartet from Paris, the Petersen from Germany and the Vertavo from Sweden. The calssical quartets played Haydn, Bartók and Prokofiev, the Muzsikas played as a village traditional quartet. At the finale all the musicians played together, the last movement od Bartók's Rumanian Folk Dances. It seems, the new collaboration started. foto album

3-4 March 2007.

Two concerts in Spain, in Bilbao
The La Folle Jounee Festival vas organised als in Spain, in Bilbao. Muzsikas played together with the great belgian cellist Roel Dieltiens. He played the Solo Sonata for Cello of Kodály. This extraordinary composition was played after a twenty-minute Hungarian folk music concert, and ballads and Gyimes music was performed between the movements. The audience responsed this rare concert with standing ovation. foto album

1-4. February 2007.

In France at the music festival "La Folle Journée"
In Nantes, France Muzsikas played 5 concerts at the famous classical music festival, La folle Journée. The festival has around 140 thousand visitors during the four days. The core of the Muzsikas concerts was the phantastic music of Kodály: the Solo Sonata for Cello (op. 8) performed by the world-famous Belgian cellist, Roel Dieltiens.
Quest France: Folle journée : « Muzsikas » maestros ! (in French)

29. January 2007

Muzsikás at the German Parlament, the Bundestag
The memoral day of the victims of the nazi terrorism were celebrated by the German parliament, the Bundestag. The guests of the plenary meeting were Imre Kertész, the Nobel-price Hungarian writer and the Muzsikás, who played three music from Transylvania. The pieces represented the three minorities of the Transylvanian Rumania: Hungarians, Jews and Gypsies.
News about the happenings in the official web-page of Bundestag (in German)
"Dieser stofflose Begriff..." (in German)

22. December 2006.

Muzsikás Christmas concert at the Liszt Music Academy
For the third time Muzsikas celebrated the Christmas with a concert at the most recpected Hungarian concert venue, the great hall of the Liszt Music Academy. This year the guests of Muzsikas were Maria Petras, the fabulous traditional singer from Moldavia and the great Hungarian pianist, Jenő Jandó who played Bartók and Bach pieces for piano. Unforgottable evening for the fans of Muzsikas and the classical music.
photo album...

16. Sept 2006.

At the Weimar Arts' Festival, Germany
"Long Night with Goulash" was the title of the longest evening of the Weimar Arts' Festival. During the interval of the concert the guests could taste some Hungarian dishes. The first part of the evening was with classical music, among them by the phantastic composition of Bartók, the Concerto for Two Pianos with Percussion performed by Andás Schiff and Dénes Várjon. The evening ended with the traditional concert of Muzsikás with great success, the classical audience awarded the music with standing ovation.

29. July 2006.

Kapolcs, Völgy Arts Festival 2006.
Muzsikas spent four days in this festival appearing eight times in different locations. Four different concerts in four different villages plus a musical excursion with two of the musicaians of Muzsikas. Unforgottable moments in every day.
gallery of the excursion
gallery of the concert in Kapolcs
pictures of an other concert in the church of Vigandpetend

13. July 2006.

Hot evening in the Palace of Arts
Muzsikas gave an unforgottable concert with their friends at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Budapest, one of the most beautiful venue in Europe. The surprise was the "jam session" was by Muzsikas and one of the best Transylvanian village band, the Palatka Band in the last fifteen minutes of the concert.
a műsorfüzet
rewiev of Magyar Nemzet, daily paper of Hungary (in Hungarian)

8. June 2006.

Broadcasting of the Schwetzingenen concert
The Muzsikas concert at the Schwetzinger Festspiele was recorded and broadcasted by 7 radio stations all over the World. (Germany, Holland, Portugal, Lethouania, USA, Australia and Hungary) The broadcasting of the hungarian Bartok Radio can be listen in the Internet
listen... (first part)
listen... (second part)

3. June 2006.

Concert in the Music Festival of Schwetzingen
The main guest of the music festival Schwetzinger Festspiele in Germany was the renowned Hungarian composer and conductor Péter Eötvös. Muzsikas was his guest performer ensemble demonstrating the importance of the traditional music in the life and for the compositions of Péter Eötvös. In the past even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave concert in the beautiful castle of Schwetzingen where Muzsikas was the first folk music ensemble till now.

22. April 2006.

Warsaw, Poland, live concert in the Polish Radio
Unforgottable concert was given by Muzsikas and Marta Sebestyen together with the renowned Hungarian pianist, Jandó Jenő during the Nowa Tradicja Festival. The concert with Bartok piano works and with the traditional music of Muzsikas was a great success, played first time in Poland.

27. March 2006.

Spring Festival Kecskemét
The whole program of the Spring Festival in Kecskemet concentrate of the life and work of Bela Bartok, the great Hungarian composer. The concert was performed by Muzsikas and the most known Hungarian string quartet, the Bartok Quartet. The program was the same as with the Takacs Quartet, the interpretation was different, unforgottable for the audience of Kecskemet, the city of the other great composer, Zoltán Kodály

13. March 2006.

The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania
Muzsikas performed the concert of the lost jewish music during the Israel Days of Hungary, Budapest, sharing the evening with the ensemble Gaya from Isreel and the popular klezmer group from New York, the Klezmatics.

7. March 2006.

Bartók concert in Rome, Italy
The official Bartók Anniversary Year opened in Rome, Italy at the Quirinale Palace, the palace of the Italian State President. The concert given by Muzsikas, Marta Sebestyen and the Bartok String Quartet and was visited by the presidents of Italy and Hungary, as well.

19. Febr. 2006.

Bartók Happening, Antwerp, Belgium
The 125. year anniversary of the birth of Bela Bartok was celebrated with a monstre concert-series in Antwerp, at the De Singel Concert Palace. The first concert began at 11 am, the las at 11 pm. Excellent solists, string qurtets and symphonic orhestras made thes day memorable. Muzsikas was the only group playing folk music, demonstrate the influence of the traditional music in the works of Bartok. The guest singer of Muzsikas was Mária Petrás, who was born in a little Hungarian village of Moldavia, singing with the style of her own region.

1. Febr. 2006.

Muzsikás at home after the European tour
The successful tour of Takacs Quartet and Muzsikas ended. The two "quartets", the classical and the traditional agreed to continue the joint concerts, the next will be in 2007 in Holland.
Independent rewiev. 19. Jan. 2006.
An other Idependent rewiev, 22. Jan.

23. Jan. 2006

Bilbao, at the "holy place" of the chamber music
The oldest society of the chamber music is in Bilbao, Spain, where all of the most renowned musicians appeared during the last 120 years. Their picture with their autographs decorate the walls. From now, the picture of Muzsikas is among them, the first folk band performed here.

2006. Jan. 22.

Germany, Cologne, the Filharmonie
The only concert in Germany during this tour was in Cologne at the beautiful great hall of Filharmonie. The whole concert was broadcasted by the WDR Radio station.
A page of the program booklet of the Filharmonie
Info of the concert (in German)

2006. Jan. 21.

Paris, Theatre de la Ville
The third French concert in this tour was held in Paris, at the Theatre de la Ville, where both ensembles played several times earlier, but first time together. This concert was one of the most successful concerts during this tour, the tickets were sold months in advance.
a page from the booklet of the Theatre de la Ville

18. Jan 2006.

Lisboa, Portugal
The great concert hall of the Gulbenkian Foundation was the venue of the joint concert in Portugal, in Lisboa. The audience was familiar with the music of Bartok, but they lisened the traditional music first time. Looking the great success, holpefully not the last time.
rewiev of the At-Tambur kritikája (in Portuguise)

15. Jan 2006

Newcastlte, Gateshead, the Sage
The second concert was held at the Sage, the beautiful, modern concert palace of Newcastle, Gateshead. This concert was recorded by the BBC Radio for broadcasting 1a few days later in the 90 minutes program of the Sunday Gala.
the BBC record (Real Player neccessary)

14. Jan 2006.

London, Queen Elisabeth Hall, together with the Takács Quartet
The first joint concert of the European tour as held at the Queen Elisabeth Hall, the beautiful concert hall of the South Bank, London. The tickets were sold months in advance, the success was inbelivable. The Independent daly paper of London published in advance an article about this exciting joint concert. The president of the Decca Record Company expressed his wish to release a joint record with Takacs ad Muzsikas
The article of the Independent

28. May 2005.

Introducing Hungary with the Hungarian music
The members of one the most exclusive Club, the members of the European Round Table of Industrialist held their meeting first time in Hungary. Their host, the Hungarian MOL Oil Company introduced Hungary them with the Hungarian music. Muzsikás made this concert in the National Gallery with Mária Petrás, traditional singer from Moldavia, Ildiko Toth/Zoltan Farkas Dancers and Jenő Jandó pianist. The original voice of Maria, the music of Muzsikás the virtuoso dances and the pieces of Bartók (The Night's Music, Allegro Barbaro) gave an outlook of our music.
The members of ERT

19. May 2005

The Muzsikás in Alger
Standing ovation in the Ibn Seydoun Salle, Alger at the end of the Muzsikás concert. as an event of the European Cultural Festival. It was unforgottable to see how the algerian people enjoyed the Hungarian traditional music. Several musicians were among the audience knowing that Béla Bartók collected folk music in Algeria and used the impressions of the algerian music in some of his famous compositions.

29. April 2005.

Plan of a joint concert with BBC Concert Orchestra
Muzsikás has got an invitation to the festival of Genius of Violin for 2006. The concert will be made in London, together with the BBC Concert Orchestra. The provisional promram was discussed with Joji Hattori, the renamed violonist and conductor of the evening. It is a big honour for Muzsikas to play on such a prestigous event.

21. March 2005

Concert in the National Concert Hall
The Palace of Arts, and its most beautiful part, the National Concerthall opened on 15th of March. Muzsikás was one of the firsts who made a concert there. On the 21th March, during the Budapest Spring festival Muzsikás made its one of the most important concert since ever. Bartók and the traditions, as usual, now their guests: Mária Petrás singer from Moldva, Zoltán Farkas/Ildikó Tóth dancers, Márta Sebestyén, Jenő Jandó The Danubia Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Domonkos Héja)
concert program
foto album

21 January 2005.

Budapest, Kispest, The Day of the Hungarian Culture
Around the day 22nd January, the "birthday of the Hungarian Anthem" several cultural events are all over Hungary. Muzsikas with Marta gave a concert at the cultural center of Kispest, a suburb of Budapest. The fully crowded concert hall with the warm audience and the standing ovation - which is rare in Budapest - made this evening really memorable.

18. December 2004.

Christmas Concert
As it is usual the last Sunday before Christmas Muzsikás gave a concert at the FMH (City Cultural Center). together with Marta Sebestyen. The guests were: Zoltan Farkas (Batyu) - Ildiko Toth (Fecske) dancers and Maria Petras traditional Hungarian singer from Moldavia

foto album (Bálint Pörneczi

- December 2004.

Budapest primary shools
Muzsikás gave six concert for free in six shools of Budapest. The goal was to give a positive experience to the children about the traditional music. All concerts were unforgottable, we are thankful to the leaders of the shools to organise these events. We decided to continue this series in the next year.
pictures from the Bethlen Gábor Grammar School

20. November 2004.

The Muzsikás in London at the Royal Festival Hall
Muzsikas together with Marta Sebestyen performed in the Royal Festival Hall one of the most prestigeous venues of the world. Our concert was a program of the London Jazz Festival and the final event of the Magyar Magic It was the second time for us to play here, the Bartók Album concert was also in the RFH in 1998.
Or guest were the Julian Joseph Trio, Magic Feet and the brilliant Scottish piper Allan MacDonald.
foto album

Oct.ober 2004.

Theatre de la Ville: DVD compilation
The DVD compitation of the ten most succesful concerts at the Théatre de la Ville, the famous theater of Paris is released. The song Dances of Marosszék was selected from our concert in the fall of 2001. Our guests were :Zolt� Farkas and Ildikó Tth dancers and �p� Toni cimbalom player from Marossz�

27. Oct.. 2004.

Bart� concert in Debrecenben
Muzsikás played a special Bart� concert in the most famous caoncert hall of Debrecen, the second biggest city of Hungary. The concert was given together with the students and teachers of the Music Dept. of the Debrecen University. The concert was sold out in advance, and it was an unforgottable cooperation again with excellent classical musicians.
the concert program

20. Oct.. 2004

Fodor S�dor Neti died
Our beloved master, the brilliant village fiddler of Méra, Kalotaszeg, Transylvania died. He was 83.
He was a unic pesonality, not only a vituoso violin player but also an excellent teacher with unlimited patient.
He was buried in his village on the 22th of Oct.�er.

16. Oct.. 2004.

Concert in Lendava, Slovenia
By the invitation of the Hungarian community of Slovenia The Muzsikás played a concert at the Hungarian Theater. The building is an example of the Hungarian organic style of architecture, it was designed by the most famous Hungarian architect, Imre Makovecz.
It was a honour for the group to play in such an amazing place. pictures

15. Oct.. 2004.

Concert in Ljubljana with the Bartók String Quartet
The Muzsikas with Marta Sebestyen and the most famous Hungarian string quartet, the Bartók Quartet played together in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The concert program was the same as in our joint concert in Budapest in February. We has got phantastic standing ovation from the mostly calssical audience.

11. Oct.. 2004.

With the Danubia Symphonic Orhestra at the Liszt Academy
The concert with the phenomenal Danubia Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Domonkos Héja was one of the most succesful event in the life of Muzsikás. The whole concert was recorded by the Hungarian Television company so it is preserved for the future.
The success was similar to those we has experiented in Glasgow after the concert with the BBC SSO conducted by Ilan Volkov. pictures
the concert program

25 Sept.-2. Oct..

Five concerts in Holland and Belgium
As a program of the Hungarian cultural year Hongarije an Zee the Muzsik� and M�ta Sebesty� played four concerts in Hollad (Groningen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam) and one in Belgium, in Antwerpen. Hollandia volt the first country invited Muzsik� for individual concerts in the seventies. As a nice present the muicians of Muzsikás received a CD compilation of the 1975 concert in Diemen recorded by the local radio station and copied by our friend.
Nice surprise!

11. Sept. 2004.

In Nara, Japan at the Yakushiji Otobutai
Márta Sebestyén and the Muzsikás were the guests at the 17. Yakushiji Otobutai performance at the open air stage of the garden of the famous Yakushiji Buddhist temple. The event was recorded by the MBS Broadcasting Company, broadcasted in Japan and played onboard the JAL Japan Airlines aircrafts for three months. It is a big honour and an outstanding promotion of the Hungarian traditional music and the Muzsikas in Japan especially because the guests in the previous years were really big starts like Sarah Brightman or José Carreras.

1-3. July 2004.

Concerts at the Jewish Cuiltural Festival, Crakow
Muzsikas played two concerts during the greatest Jewish Cultural Festival of Europe, in Crakow, Poland. The final event was the big evening at the Syroka street in front of the Old Synagoge. Muzsikas were selected also to the All Stars Klezmer Bandplaying the final concert of the whole festival. Therefore the festival closed with the songs of the album Maramaros, the lost Jewish music of Transylvania played together with the greatest klezmer musicians.
photo album