MÁRIA PETRÁS was born in a small "cságó"-Hungarian village named Diószén in Rumania, in the region of Moldva. She spent her childhood first here then she moved to an other village, Klézse. She grown up in an untuched traditional surrounding. As a mother tounge she has learned all the traditional songs, ballads and all the Gregorian songs of the latin-language mass of the csángó's with the authentic way of presentation. Her way of singing follows the rich, colorful style of the best village singers of this region which admired several folklorists and musicians, like Béla Bartók. Her singing is fully genuine, she is one of the master of the best Hungarian revivalists like Márta Sebestyén. Mária Peatrás studied graphic, she lives in Hungary since 1990 where she graduated as ceramist and sculptor. Her works are regularly appear in famous european art exibitions. As a singer she performs as solist or with music groups like Muzsikás. With them she performed in several concerts in Hungary and in other European venues, recently in Antwerpen, Belgium in the Bartók Happening, a full day classical musical event.