Budapest, FMH, Muzsikas Christmas concert
Guest: Mária Petrás (Moldva), György and Ilonka Muszka (Kalotaszeg), Sándor Neti Jr.(Kalotaszeg)
Nov. 12. 2007.
foto: Tamás Henics
20 pictures
Budapest, Kispest, Szenlőrinc, Unceonventional Music Lessons
Nov. 12. 2007.
foto: Imre Körmendi
20 pictures
Budapest: Allegro Barbaro, The folk music and the piano works of Bartók
with Jenő Jandó pianist and Mária Petrás
Aug. 8-9. 2007.
foto: Bertalan Fehér
19 pictures
Schleswig Holstein Music Festival, Germany
with Takacs Quartet and Marta Sebestyen
Aug. 8-9. 2007.
foto: Daniel Hamar and Benita Ortwein
43 pictures
Festival La Folle Journée ou Japon
with Roel Dieltiens cellist and Petras Maria
May 2-6. 2007.
foto: Daniel Hamar and Ilse Machielsen
43 pictures
Nantes, France: La Folle Journée
with Roel Dieltiens cellist and Petras Maria
Febr. 2-6. 2007.
foto: Ilse Machielsen
21 pictures
Allegro Barbaro with Jenő Jandó pianist
Sept. 30. 2006.
foto: Robert Kassay
30 pictures
At the National Concerthall in the Palace of Arts, Budapest
July 13. 2006.
Muzsikás with their friends
foto: Palace of Arts
32 pictures
Festival Nowa Tradycja
Warsaw, Poland, 2006
with Jenő Jandó pianist and Márta Sebestyén singer
6 pictures
Maramaros The lost Jewish Music of Transylvania
Petőfi Hall, Budapest
March 2006
with Márta Sebestyén
foto: Fumie Suzuki
16 pictures
Muzsikás with Márta Sebestyén in Village Solymár, Hungary in a Summer festival.
June 3. 2005.
foto: Fehér Sándor
17 pictures
Budapest Spring Festival
At the National Concerthall
March 21. 2005.
with their friends:
Márta Sebestyén (singer), Mária Petrás, (singer), Jenő Jandó (pianist), Zoltán Farkas-Ildikó Tóth (dancer) and the Danubia Symphonic Orchestra (cond: Domonkos Héja)
foto: Fehér Sándor
43 pictures
London, Royal Festival Hall
London Jazz Fesztival and Magyar Magic
Márta Sebestyén
November 20. 2004.
foto: Horváth Dóra
26 pictures
Liszt Music Academy, Budapest with the Danubia Symphonic Orhestra, Conductor: Domonkos Héja
and Márta Sebestyén
October 11. 2004.
13 pictures
Nara, Japan, September 2004
Yakushiji Temple
17th Otobutai
with Márta Sebestyén
9 pictures
Jewish Cultural Festival 2004
Crakow, Poland
with Márta Sebestyén
18 pictures
Tata, Hungary 2004
Concert with our friends from traditional villages:
dancers from Kalotaszeg, Transylvania and singer Mária Perás, Moldavia
photo: János Vargha
21 pictures
New York, Symphony Space, 1999
with Alexander Balanescu (violin) and Márta Sebestyén
12 pictures